Save Money

Save Money On Dental Care At DENTALSource

We would love to think the main reason you would choose DENTALSource of CA for your dental care needs is because each of our locations has the most modern equipment and facilities and highly attentive and compassionate staff, as well as efficient paperwork guidelines to streamline the process of getting you in and out in a timely manner.

But because these qualities should be standard in any dental practice as they are in ours, we can’t say that’s the reason to choose DENTALSource for your dental needs.

The one distinguishing attribute we have that none of our worthy competitors have, is the ability for you to not only save money on dental care, but actually save you HUGE MONEY!

Here is the cold hard fact that sets myDENTALSource in a class by itself — You will Save Money:
If you have dental insurance that covers [only part of] the dentist fee, we will waive or substantially reduce the portion you pay out-of-pocket. …At our offices, your 50% coverage – covers 90% of our fees.

Even if you don’t have dental insurance, you can still save money on dental care because only at DentalSource of CA will you receive a straight 40% discount off our already low rates.

Below is a quick Q & A to help explain what we mean…

Most dental insurance plans pay for PART of the dentist fee with a co-payment. (The co-payment is the part you pay out of pocket to the dentist.)

DENTALSource will Reduce or Eliminate the part you pay out of pocket. EXAMPLE: 2018 regular fee for a single porcelain fused to metal crown is, $1360.00. If your insurance pays 60%, you’re out of pocket payment (at other offices) is $680.00. AT DENTALSource your out of pocket is $136.00

YOU SAVE $544.00

If your dental insurance pays 60% or more of our fee you will have NO co-payment.

(Fee at other offices is based on the National Dental Advisory Service.)

No insurance? NO PROBLEM! You will receive a 40% discount on all dental care provided by DentalSource. Our starting fees are based on fees in our area, as compiled by the National Dental Advisory Service and are within the 80th percentile.

We do NOT inflate our fees … so that you get stuck with a “diluted” discount. Our starting fees are based on fees in our area, as compiled by the National Dental Advisory Service and are within the 80th percentile.

After your examination, one of our caring professionals will tell you how much you will save if you choose to continue treatment at DENTALSource.

Yes … We offer payment plans through CareCredit and EasyPay. We also are able to handle some smaller payment plans in-house. We also accept all major credit cards. Please contact us at a location near you for more details.

*On approved credit

Any treatment requiring a specialist will be referred to a specialist not offering this discount.

As part of our preventive care program, we offer the Philips Sonicare patented sonic technology toothbrush system at our cost. In addition, we’ll provide brush heads every six months at no charge – as long as you make and keep your recall/checkup appointments. We also offer Phillips zoom whitening at a discounted price.