Free Exam

$20 Full Mouth X-Rays

If you’ve had dental x-rays within 6 months, bring them in or we can request them from your other dentist. If they are usable, your visit will be at no cost.

Are you tired of paying too much? If you’re like most Californians, you love a great deal and even better value when it comes to your dental treatment. This New Patient Special will help by lowering the cost of your first visit, and presents an opportunity for you to get affiliated with our office.

If you need and decide to have dental treatment completed at our office, you will receive a 40% discount on all dental treatment when paying Cash or Credit.

If you have dental insurance, you will find that our dental co-payments (the part you pay to the dentist after insurance) are quite a bit lower than at other dentists.
Our New Patient Special includes:
• Full mouth X-rays
• A thorough Exam

*For new patients that do not have dental insurance. Discounts cannot be combined with other offers or dental discount plans.

Offer valid through September 30 2021